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Crenshaw to President Obama: Tell Americans When You'll Balance Budget, Pay Off Debt


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ander Crenshaw today (2/6) continued his fight to bring fiscal accountability to Capitol Hill by voting to pass the Require a Plan Act (H.R. 444) -- legislation that requires President Obama to tell the American people when he plans to balance the budget and pay off the debt.

The legislation passed by a vote of 253 to 167 and now moves to the United States Senate. Specifically, H.R. 444 would require the White House to either produce a balanced budget within a 10-year window or provide a supplemental budget plan by April 1, 2013, that identifies the year the budget plan would be balanced.

Crenshaw, Chairman of the Financial Services Appropriations Subcommittee, issued the following statement:

"For the fourth time in the last five years, President Obama this week failed to meet the legal requirement to submit a budget to Congress. Now, all reports are that we won't see a plan on how he proposed to spend Americans' hard-earned tax dollars until the end of March.

"The Require a Plan Act offers a common-sense formula to provide Congress with valuable information on the President's fiscal intent now and in the future. Moreover, the legislation sets a timetable that allows individuals, families, and businesses to make important decisions around investing, hiring, and growing their companies.

"With a deficit topping $16 trillion and an economy struggling to get back on its feet, I can't think of a more important time for the White House to work with Congress and for the American people by presenting its fiscal blueprint for the coming year. We don't need obstacles to economic growth and stability; we need a plan to achieve those goals."

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