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Condemning the Horrific Attacks in Newtown, Connecticut, and Expressing Support and Prayers for All Those Impacted by This Tragedy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DEUTCH. I thank my friend from Connecticut.

I rise tonight to join all Americans in grieving for the innocent children and brave adults horrifically slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. What happened in Newtown, Connecticut, is every parent's worst nightmare. Every parent who sends a child off to school each morning takes a leap of faith that he or she will be home that night for a hug, a family dinner, and for a kiss goodnight.

For my wife and me, our three children are the center of our lives. Words cannot express the sorrow that we feel--that all Americans feel--for the families whose children were so viciously taken away.

Tonight, the American people are united in grief. In the coming days, a national conversation will take place on how to make our Nation just a little bit safer, and we must remain united. Never mind that some will feel threatened by this conversation and others will try to stop it altogether.

This unspeakable crime was driven by unspeakable evil. Yet when it comes to preventing such heinous acts, nothing should stop us from speaking out; but more than that, nothing should stop us from taking action. By preventing another massacre, by stopping this rampaging gun violence, we will honor the memory of every 6- and 7-year-old child and every brave member of the Sandy Hook community we mourn for this evening.

Please, please let us do more than talk. Please let us do more than give speeches. Let us come together to act to make America safer.


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