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Westmoreland Hails Nebraska Governor's Announcement That Clears the Way for Keystone Pipeline Construction


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman announced he has approved a route for the Keystone Pipeline through his state and has called on President Obama to immediately approve the project. The route would avoid environmentally sensitive areas within Nebraska, removing the barrier the president relied upon to reject the project in January of 2012. Once complete, the Keystone Pipeline would bring oil from Canada's oil sands, and Montana and North Dakota oil fields to the United States' refineries in the Gulf for processing. According to the US State Department, the construction of the project alone would create between 5,000 and 6,000 direct jobs in addition to an undetermined number of indirect jobs and revenue to all of the states along the way. Below is Congressman Westmoreland's statement.

"TransCanada initially began the application process to build the Keystone Pipeline more than four years ago. After years of stalling and unending regulatory redtape, President Obama rejected the construction permit a year ago because he claimed it would have disturbed environmentally sensitive areas within Nebraska. Well, Governor Heineman's announcement has removed that problem. This means the president is out of excuses and it is time to approve the Keystone Pipeline.

"Simply put, the Keystone Pipeline means American jobs. And if President Obama truly wants to help House Republicans get Americans back to work, he needs to approve this project immediately," stated Westmoreland.

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