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McMorris Rodgers Promotes "Require a PLAN Act," Urges President to Submit a Budget to Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), House Republican Conference Chair, joined House Republican Leadership in a press conference today to promote the "Require a PLAN Act," which would require President Obama to inform the American people when he plans to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit.

"Yesterday, it was mentioned, the President for the fourth time out of the last five years failed to meet his legal requirement to submit a budget to Congress. So the President and the Senate Democrats are failing on what is really the most fundamental part of governing, the fundamental responsibility in governing, which is budgeting. And it's not Washington that suffers when this happens, but it is hardworking Americans all across this country. It is the moms, the dads, the seniors, the small business owners, the recent college grads, that can't make decisions to move forward.

"When Washington is the biggest obstacle to economic growth, we have a problem. And we are not going to have prosperity, we're not going to have people that know how to make hiring decisions, that know how to invest, be able to move forward until there is a budget in place. Families, small businesses and households understand that if you don't have a budget, you're going to fail. And Washington, DC and the federal government are in the same boat.

"So I'm pleased that we're moving forward on the "Require a PLAN Act' that will require the president to let the American people know when he plans to balance the budget, and when he plans to pay off this deficit. It is the first step to not only getting our fiscal house in order, but to allowing our economy to move forward so that people can make decisions to invest, to hire, and to have their businesses succeed."

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