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CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" Transcript: Gun Control


Location: Unknown

SCHIEFFER: OK, good to see you. We're going to turn next to two Senators who have top ratings from the NRA, a Virginia Democrat Mark Warner, and in Dallas, Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison. I'm going to start with Senator Hutchison. Senator Hutchison, you represent a state that loves its guns. There's no question about that. My home state of Texas. what do you make of what David Keene just said? Do you think it's time to do some things other than what he's advocating, and that is putting more police in the schools?

HUTCHISON: Oh, I do-- Bob, I have to say, I don't object to having more armed policemen in schools. I certainly think that at the local level, they should make this decision, because that is going to be accepted in some places and not accepted in some places. So I think that is it one part of a big picture that we need to look at. I think, certainly, security in our schools, including one entrance, one entrance to schools.

SCHIEFFER: What about -- what about other things, senator? Do you see other things that could be done here? I think Senator Hutchison has somehow lost contact with us here. So Senator Warner, you're here. You're a Democrat. You've always get a top rating from the NRA. What do you think about what Mr. Keene just said? Do you think it's time to kind of move ahead and do some other stuff?

WARNER: Well Bob, I'm troubled by-- and I apologize about my voice. I think this may be a divine intervention because we didn't deal with the fiscal cliff.

SCHIEFFER: You think that's punishment?

WARNER: Punishment for not doing our job. But I was proud of the fact that I always had an "A" rating from the NRA. I own firearms. I think people ought to be able to legally hunt or target shoot. But I know when that crisis hits, my three college daughters came home and said, "dad, you work up there. What are you going to do?" And to me, simply saying existing gun laws are enough, the status quo is acceptable, just didn't pass my gut check as a father. And when i hear from the NRA is there may be some additional schools, but where do we stop? Are we then going to go in to preschools? Are we going to go into parochial schools? If my memory is correct, there actually was an armed individual at Columbine years ago, and it didn't prevent that tragedy. So I think we need a comprehensive approach. I don't have a specific bill right now. I'll look at all the proposals. I think it looks at mental health. I think it looks at protecting our schools, but I also think it looks at these high-volume magazines, you know, that can fire off so many rounds. If some of these-- we can't stop every crazy person from taking on actions. But there are, as you were trying to point out with the earlier guest, 30,000 deaths, gun-related deaths a year in America. No single law is going to stop all of those, but if we can cut it in half, or cut it by 20 percent, or even cut it by a tenth, that's still thousands of lives and maybe we wouldn't have some of those horrible images as we see right now, these children being buried.

SCHIEFFER: I think we reestablished communications with Texas. Senator Hutchison, you were talking about you do suggest, at least schools being able to put police in schools if they think it's needed, but how about some of these other things? What about this idea of a ban on assault weapons? What about, as Senator Warner is talking about, restricting the sales of these magazines that have 30 rounds in a clip? How do you feel about that?

HUTCHISON: You know, I think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, like those large clips, I think that does need to be looked at. We do have a ban on assault weapons, as was stated earlier. But it's the semiautomatics, and those large magazines that can be fired off very quickly. You do have to pull the trigger each time, but it's -- it's very quick. I think we should be looking at those mega- opportunities as one of the things that might be looked at. And we need to talk to real hunters who say what is a sporting rifle capability that continues the sport? We need to talk to people in all areas. But, Bob, what hasn't been mentioned, you know, in this conversation, is also the violence in our society. What children and kids are seeing even on P.G. movies and these video games like Black Ops 2 and those kinds of things. I mean, really, we have a more violent society in general, and I think a lot of it has to be looked at in that framework.

SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you, Senator Warner, what is the romance of these assault-style weapons? I mean, I've -- like Senator Hutchison, I know a lot of people that hunt, but I don't know anybody that goes hunting with one of those. Why do -- what's the fascination with it?

WARNER: You know, Bob, I don't know, either. I've -- I've shot some of these weapons on shooting ranges, but the idea that you might have to simply reload after a clip of 10 shells does not seem to be an undue infringement. Again, that's not going to be a perfect solution, but it ought to be one of the things talked about. You know, in my gut, as I said, enough is enough at this point. What I hope and pray is that, as we get into the Christmas season and the memories of this tragedy fade, we don't let this issue recede until six, eight, nine months, and we see another tragedy. And the notion that we can simply, you know, arm our schools -- and where, as I said earlier, is it just public schools? Is it parochial schools? Is it preschools? Would it be our churches? Where do you draw the line?

SCHIEFFER: Let me ask both of you -- I want to just shift quickly. Senator Hutchison, you're coming back if they call the Senate back after Christmas. You're getting ready to retire. Do you think they're going to get past this fiscal cliff?

HUTCHISON: I do. I have an abiding faith that we will not leave -- and this is going to take presidential leadership, hands-on leadership; it's going to take both houses of Congress and everyone to realize we can't let taxes go up on working people in this country. And the Bush tax cuts are tax cuts that did help our economy in the beginning. We are in the doldrums now because of the debt and the deficits that are dragging down our economy, as well as the over- regulation of small business. I think we've got to do something to do a patch now, which, clearly, on December 27, when Mark Warner and I go back, it is going to be a patch because, in four days, we can't solve everything.

SCHIEFFER: All right. Let me ask...

HUTCHISON: But I think we need to stop this fiscal cliff at a reasonable salary level and then start working on the spending cuts.

SCHIEFFER: About 30 seconds, Senator. What -- will there be a small deal?

WARNER: I think there's unfortunately only going to be a small deal. But unless we get to $4 trillion, we're just kicking the can. Remember, we took $4.5 trillion out of our revenue stream. We're only talking about -- with the Bush tax cuts, we're only talking about putting about a third of that back in. At the same time, we doubled defense spending, created Homeland Security, created a new drug benefit. And we're all getting a lot older. We have to realize it's going to take revenues, spending cuts and entitlement reform.

SCHIEFFER: So you think they'll get past it?

WARNER: I think we'll get past it, but we've got to get to the big deal.

SCHIEFFER: All right. We'll be back in one minute.

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