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Lujan Grisham Statement on President's Gun Violence Proposal


Location: Unknown

"The President's proposals are the first steps towards real action. From universal background checks to a ban on assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines, these are common sense proposals. These proposals are comprehensive and Congress should immediately consider and enact them into law.

"In addition, I am delighted that beyond gun violence prevention measures, the President has highlighted the need to improve mental health services in this country. We need to be able to focus on getting students and young adults the support they need and that includes, but is not limited to making sure teachers and support staff are properly trained to help detect the signs of mental illness. Even in this fiscal environment, it is vital to make sure that school-based health centers get the proper funding they need.

"Today I had the privilege of attending a hearing held by the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and listening to the first-hand experience of those devastated by gun violence. I was especially moved by Emily Nottingham and Dr. Janet Robinson who highlighted the personal tragedies they experienced. This left a lasting emotional imprint about what is at stake for children and their families. Their stories renewed my resolve to work to address this problem in a meaningful way.

"Another issue that was addressed at the hearing was the issue of Gun Security. Congress needs to look at programs that encourage current and future firearms owners to secure their guns and limit their access to criminals and those with mental illness.

"I also think it is important to note that none of these proposals are infringing on 2nd Amendment rights and don't take guns away from responsible law-abiding gun owners."

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