Chairman Rogers Statement of Kidnapping of Americans in Algeria


By:  Mike Rogers
Date: Jan. 16, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Chairman Rogers Statement on the Kidnapping of Americans in Algeria

"The kidnapping of Americans and other westerners in Algeria brazenly raises the stakes in an already very volatile region. Militant groups and terrorists with ties to AQIM are becoming increasingly brash in their activities. The Obama Administration needs to have a clear and focused policy on eliminating the threats that diverse al-Qaeda affiliated groups pose to the United States and to Americans working abroad off of the usual battlefields. Additionally, this Administration needs to better understand the specific threats posed by AQIM and other al-Qaeda affiliated groups. If we don't deal with these militant groups and terrorists swiftly and effectively, they will only pose an increasing threat in the future as they already have in Benghazi and now Algeria and Mali."

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