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Congressman Pittenger Challenges Senate to Pass Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) strongly advocated for the "No Budget, No Pay" provision included in today's legislation to extend the federal debt limit for three months. Senate Democrats haven't passed a budget in almost four years, failing in one of the most basic responsibilities of governing and contributing to the government's spending problem.

"Since Senate Democrats last passed a budget, you could have made 179 round trips to the moon or climbed Mount Everest 292 times," commented Congressman Pittenger. "Our government has a spending problem, and setting a budget -- just like the families we represent -- is the first step in a process that will balance the budget in ten years.

By controlling spending and keeping the tax burden low, we can grow the economy, create jobs, and bring a prosperous future for the hardworking families and taxpayers of our country."

Congressman Pittenger and other House Republicans proposed extending the debt ceiling by three months to allow time for meaningful debate on common sense spending cuts and a long-term plan for managing our nation's debt. The extension avoids knee-jerk reactions that could have long-term negative consequences for America's credit rating and economic stability.

The "No Budget, No Pay" provision requires both the House and Senate to pass a budget, or have Member pay withheld. "Our elected leaders shouldn't receive pay if they fail to fulfill one of the most basic responsibilities of governing," said Congressman Pittenger.

Congressman Pittenger is already working without pay, having decided to donate his entire Congressional salary to four Charlotte-area charities.

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