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Congressman Pittenger's Comments on Gun Control


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Pittenger has received more than 500 letters asking for his opinion on recent calls for increased gun control regulation. Today, Congressman Pittenger released this statement:

"As a father and grandfather, I was horrified by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and like many wish there was an easy solution.

Unfortunately, history has shown that additional gun control legislation has little impact on preventing similar tragedies. It's the sad truth that an assault weapons ban was in effect during the time of the Columbine massacre.

Last year, various government agencies declined to prosecute 77,000 violations of our existing gun control laws. Instead of creating new laws, we need to work on better enforcing our existing regulations. We also need to provide families and local law enforcement greater resources in dealing with those who suffer from serious mental illnesses.

The only true and lasting solution is to work on the heart of our nation -- to fight back against the glorification of violence in music, the movies, and other media. Only when our nation regains its moral footing will our children be truly safe.

I would like to thank Vice President Biden for taking the time to study this issue, and I will give full and fair consideration to any legislation that is forthcoming. However, I will not present gun control as a false hope."

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