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Congressman Cantor: Today's Unemployment Report A Stark Reminder We Have Work To Do


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) released the following statement on the national unemployment report for January 2013:

"Today's jobs report saw 157,000 people find a job, which is good news for those who have been out of work trying to support a family and now found a job. But, it also saw our unemployment rate tick up to 7.9%, which is discouraging news for those still looking. This report is a stark reminder that everyone in Washington has more work to do. I remain committed to fixing our nation's fiscal crisis and creating the right conditions for job creation. My goal is to grow the economy and expand opportunity. To do that, we need to balance the budget and tackle the major drivers of our debt. This is about moving our economy forward. This is about making life work for more families and helping those who want to work but are still without a job.

"For years, President Obama has been predicting economic growth and lower unemployment while embracing policies that achieve negative results. More borrowing, government spending and higher taxes are not the answer to our economic challenges. Recently, the President signaled that the economy and jobs are no longer his top priorities. He barely mentioned the economy in his inaugural address. After only a handful of meetings, he shut down his jobs council. Once again, he is expected to miss the mark on his budget next week. After years of a struggling economy, it's time for the President to get serious and present the American people with his plan for a balanced budget, so we can plan for a more prosperous future. It's time to work together on solutions that will revive economic growth and opportunity for more Americans and their families."

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