By:  Alan Nunnelee
Date: Jan. 12, 2013
Location: Unknown

Fifteen months ago, my son Reed was planning to run the Mississippi Blues Marathon when his training was interrupted by a cancer diagnosis. Last year, he was too weak to run the full race so he ran the half marathon. On Saturday, Reed achieved his goal of a full marathon and was the fastest Mississippian in the race.

Some of you may also know that following the election my doctor advised me it was time to undergo heart valve replacement surgery to correct a problem I have had since birth. Thanks to a skilled group of medical professionals and the grace of God, I came through the procedure well and am on the way to a full recovery. Tori and I appreciate the words of encouragement and prayers from so many of you more than I can properly express.

Reed's victory over cancer and your support during my own recovery have inspired me. We face serious challenges and I am determined to be a part of solving them. If we are going to pass on a stronger, freer America to the next generation, we must stop spending money we do not have.

I reject the notion that America faces a future of weak growth, mounting debt, and decline from our position as leader of the free world. If Washington will rise to the challenge before us and lead, America will thrive. My commitment to you in the new year is to be a part of finding solutions to America's greatest challenge: out of control spending.

Stay in touch and God bless,

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