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Our Agenda Should Be Small Busniesses


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Once again in the new Congress I will be honored to serve as the Chairman of the Small Business Committee. This Committee will have the ability to look into any regulation or policy that is holding small businesses back. There will be no shortage of targets. The latest job creation figures are steady, but not near enough.

In these tough economic times, we must make sure the federal government is working with small businesses to help them succeed and create jobs here in America. Right now we have an unemployment rate that is over 7.8 percent. Government cannot create jobs, but it can set the table for economic growth.

Small businesses are facing many challenges in these tough economic times. As the creator of 7 out of every 10 jobs in America, it will be small businesses that will help lead our economic recovery. We need to make sure that they have the help they need to succeed.

Whether it is reducing an ever-growing tax burden, ending bureaucratic rules, removing new taxes on healthcare, or ensuring access to capital, there are many opportunities to help small businesses. This shouldn't be a Republican or Democrat agenda, it should be our shared agenda.

Keeping Main Street healthy is an important part of keeping our economy healthy. Common sense economic and tax policies will help all businesses succeed. As Congress gets back to work, we need to focus on legislation that will help create jobs, instead of increasing the tax and regulatory burden on our job creators.

Sam Graves

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