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Luetkemeyer Statement on Bill Requiring Passage of Budget that Cuts Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Following is a statement from U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-3) on his support for the No Budget, No Pay Act to require that both the House and Senate pass a budget resolution by the statutory April 15th deadline or have their salaries withheld:

"Clearly, we cannot afford the risk of continuing to borrow and spend money we do not have. As a small business owner in central Missouri, I know that the first step to controlling expenses is to implement a budget. Washington has a statutory obligation to pass an annual budget, yet the Senate has refused to pass one for nearly four years. Today's bill seeks to correct that problem with a simple principle: no budget, no pay. It would require the House and Senate to either pass a budget by April 15 deadline or have their pay withheld. The next step will then be to pass a budget that restores fiscal sanity to Washington. House Republicans will put forth a budget that will significantly cut spending, promote economic growth, and bring our budget back into balance in ten years. It is my sincere hope for the sake of our children and grandchildren that the Senate will do its duty and follow suit."

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