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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. JONES. Mr. Speaker, I find it so ironic that our Nation is on the cliff of collapse and yet we continue to borrow money from China to prop up a corrupt leader in Afghanistan. Our country is in the most dire of fiscal straits, and we continue to send money to Afghanistan. The worst part is, the money we are sending, we cannot audit, and many times the taxpayers' money ends up in the hands of the Taliban to buy weapons to kill Americans.

Mr. Speaker, this poster beside me is a book that I read. The title is, ``Funding the Enemy.'' The subtitle is, ``How U.S. Taxpayers Bankroll the Taliban.''

I would like to quote Lisa Freeman, who recently acknowledged that we have lost 2,000 young Americans in Afghanistan. She lost her son, Captain Matthew Freeman, in 2007, in Afghanistan. Ms. Freeman said:

Where is America's outrage? Where is America's concern that we're still at war?

I agree with Ms. Freeman. Where is the outrage here in Congress? Does it make any sense that we continue to borrow money from foreign governments to prop up a corrupt leader and half the money going to the leader of Afghanistan ends up in the hands of the Taliban to buy weapons to kill Americans? Our Nation is broke--China owns us--and we're sending our young men and our money to Afghanistan, yet we're going to cut programs right here in America for the American people.

The American people need to put the pressure on Congress to bring our troops home now and not wait until December of 2014. Mr. Speaker, I assure you, if we start bringing them home in December of 2014, it will become 2015 and it will become 2016, and how many more families have to cry about their loved ones being killed in a war that has no end to it?

Mr. Speaker, again, I ask the people to look at this poster and realize that this war is costing us in so many, many ways--the most important, our young men and women who are dying. If you agree with me that we need to bring our troops home before the current December 2014 deadline, please go to and sign the petition.

Mr. Speaker, I have been to Walter Reed and Bethesda now so many times to see the broken bodies, to see the faces of the moms and dads with pain in their face, to see the young men or women's faces that know that they will never be physically able to do what they had done before going to Afghanistan.

With that, Mr. Speaker, I make one last reference. I would hope that colleagues of mine in both parties would read this book, ``Funding the Enemy,'' by Douglas Wissing, ``How the U.S. Taxpayers Bankroll the Taliban.''

This is a sin, and it must stop.

Mr. Speaker, I ask God to please bless our men and women in uniform, to please bless the families of our men and women in uniform, to bless the families who have given a child dying for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. And I ask God to help this Congress come together with the Senate and come forward with a plan that we, the American people, can be proud of. I ask three times, God please, God please, God please continue to bless America.

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