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Bill Johnson & Tim Ryan Call For Increased Nat Gas Development

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Reps. Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) and Tim Ryan (D-Youngstown) released the following statement today after sending a bipartisan letter cosigned by 110 Members of Congress to the Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, urging him to allow America to be a major player on the world energy market by opening America's vast reserves of natural gas to the global energy marketplace.

"Right here in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio, we are blessed with tremendous amounts of natural gas. We are already seeing the beginnings of an economic boom along the Ohio River from the development of natural gas. By opening up this resource to world markets, we can help ensure its continued production that will support and create jobs here in Eastern Ohio. And, we can accomplish this with common sense policies that also protect the interests of America's manufacturers who depend on reliable, affordable access to natural gas. When more people are working, the economy expands and everyone benefits. It's estimated that America could see tens of thousands of new jobs by opening our vast supply of natural gas to the world," said Bill Johnson.

Johnson added, "Hardworking Ohioans are up to the challenge, and are playing a key role in a true "all of the above' approach to domestic energy development that will put America back to work, lower energy prices, and make America more energy independent."

Tim Ryan said, "Natural gas has provided us a great opportunity to provide jobs and continued economic development in Northeastern Ohio. Our workers can provide the trucking, construction and other support services needed to take advantage of the state's abundant gas supply. These are the kinds of investments needed to ensure that our energy future is stable--and our workers find good paying jobs."

Ryan added, "We have made great strides the past few years with our large manufacturers creating new jobs and many smaller companies joining the supply chain. The Tech Belt continues to expand with the opening of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in downtown Youngstown. But we cannot rest until every person who needs a job has one. Exporting natural gas is a chance to provide that employment--and is a promising development that we cannot afford to miss."

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