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A Lost Opportunity for Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BLUMENAUER. The agreement we are expected to vote on, perhaps as early as this afternoon, has many commendable and important items. Unfortunately, too many are short term; much is left out; and most important, we are losing an opportunity for reform.

We cannot continue to have, by far, the world's largest and most expensive military, the world's lowest taxes, the most expensive and inefficient health care system, and continue to allow our country's infrastructure to fall apart all while America grows and ages.

This agreement represents absolutely the least we could have done under these circumstances and tragically institutionalizes for the next Congress the madness of short-term frenzy around artificial deadlines that drives the American public crazy.

Not only can we do better; we must do better. This flawed, partial plan is not just a lost opportunity; it represents a real setback.

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