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Statement by Congressman Brian Higgins


Location: Unknown

"Yesterday's vote gave us a partial solution to a comprehensive problem. The American people and businesses need certainty and lasting solutions. Instead brinksmanship continues to create real damage on our economy and financial markets. In order to compete in an increasingly global market we have to invest in America. The economy has a growth problem and Washington should be doing something about it.

"In the coming months Congress must address three matters crucial to our economy: Avoid sequestration, which would impose reckless spending cuts on every federal program with devastating economic impact; raise the nation's debt ceiling, which does not authorize a dime of spending and only promises to repay what has already been spent; and approve funding to keep the government running. Normally such obviously important matters would be disposed of quickly, without drama, and would not be cause for concern. But for the past two years the House of Representatives has been dominated by a tea party faction fueled by vitriol, and incapable of meeting the basic duties of governing, leading us time and again to the precipice of government shutdown or debt default. This is not a responsible way to govern. America can and should do better. Compromise and cooperation is the only way forward for our country."

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