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Reed: No Budget, No Pay


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Rep. Tom Reed says if legislators are not able to pass a budget, they do not deserve to get paid.

"We are working to make Washington accountable to taxpayers by creating a transparent, business-like atmosphere where our debt and entitlement crises are addressed for the sake of our country, our children and grandchildren," Reed said. "Holding the Senate accountable in passing a budget is a first step toward managing our nation's finances."

The House will vote this week to put pressure on the Senate to pass its first budget in nearly four years. The House has passed a budget in each of the last two years and Reed said it will do so again this year.

"All families and businesses have a budget, yet it has been nearly four years since the Senate passed one," Reed said. "It's a gross failure of one of the most basic functions of governing and now it is time for the Senate to step up and join the House to pass a budget. We need the Senate to do their job, pass a budget, and live by it."

The House will vote to require that both the House and Senate pass a budget for Fiscal Year 2014 by the April 15th deadline. If either chamber fails to meet the statutory deadline, that chamber's Member pay will be withheld.

Reed says the message is a simple one that will help to get Washington on a budget just like all taxpayers and small businesses. "We went to Washington to change the culture there and we're sending a strong and simple message today on behalf of American taxpayers: no budget, no pay."

The legislation will be paired with a vote to temporarily suspend the debt limit through May 18, 2013, giving the Senate time to get a budget together.

"Before we can consider a long-term debt limit increase, we have to hold the Senate accountable in passing a responsible budget that cuts spending. A long-term increase in the debt limit that is not preceded by a reduction in spending will only add to the mountain of debt we're burying future generations under."

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