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House Republicans Turn Backs on Sandy Victims


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman José E. Serrano blasted the House Republican leadership, which announced today that it would adjourn without voting on the Superstorm Sandy aid package already passed by the Senate.

"The shameless decision of the House Republican leadership to turn their back on the millions of people still suffering from the effects of Superstorm Sandy is deplorable," said Congressman Serrano. "Our nation does not turn its back on those who were affected by natural disasters that are beyond their control and beyond their ability to recover from. We help our neighbors and fellow citizens in their times of need. I'm shocked and appalled that the House Republican leadership would ignore this basic standard of decency.

"The citizens of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and their elected leaders, have never complained or shirked their duty in helping their fellow citizens elsewhere when they were affected by natural disasters. Our congressional delegations have voted in favor of multi-billion dollar disaster aid packages without complaint. Now we simply ask the leaders from other states to return that simple favor. This should not be a partisan issue.

"We just ask the House Republican leadership to put the Sandy bill on the floor and let us pass this bill with the votes of Democrats and those Republicans who would join us. By refusing us this vote, they are increasing the suffering of millions of Americans whose lives were upended by a huge natural disaster."

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