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Rangel's Response To The GOP's Failed Plan


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Charles B. Rangel released the following statement after House Speaker John Boehner failed to push through his so-called "Plan B":

"It is clear that even Members of Speaker Boehner's own Conference don't support his plan, which is completely immoral and wrong.

The so-called "Plan B" makes 25 million working families pay an average $1,000 more in taxes, while giving those making over a million dollars a $50,000 tax cut. Under this failed plan, 1.7 million seniors will lose Meals on Wheels and more than 20 million children will have reduced food and nutrition benefits. Plan B harms the most vulnerable among us in order to protect the wealthiest Americans.

This game of chicken is getting old. Since taking over the House, the Republicans have been replaying this political theater every year during the holiday season. The American people need their leaders to help them get back on their feet instead of holding them hostage. The President has long been ready to sign the Middle Class Tax Cut that has already been passed by the Senate.

It's time for the Republicans to stop wasting time and end their bills to nowhere. We must reach a big, bold, balanced agreement that will stop us from going over the cliff."

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