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Hurricane Sandy Relief

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SERRANO. Mr. Speaker, as the only New York City member of the Appropriations Committee, what I saw last night is something that I hadn't seen before. Whenever a disaster hit any part of this country, we always got together and found the funds to deal with the issue. We didn't worry about what section of the country it was for or what kind of disaster, we came together and we did it.

In addition, there was something that happened last night that doesn't bode well for this House, and that is that if there's one thing we still have in this House, in spite of all our problems, is that when we give our word, we keep it.

We were given their word that that bill would come up last night or no later than today. To walk away from the people of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, to walk away from all of these people who are suffering right now is really shameful.

But there is still time. That bill can come before us today and we can pass it today. And that's the call. Don't turn your back on the victims of Sandy. Come together as a country, as a Congress, and take care of this now.

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