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Middle Class Tax Cuts

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CROWLEY. Mr. Speaker, the American people have spoken. In this last election, they said to all of us: start to work together; have an agenda that serves the people of our country.

We've all heard the expression that time is fleeting. Never before has that expression been more important in my 14 years here in the House of Representatives. We have very few working days and even fewer days this week because of the House schedule put before us by the leadership of the House to actually work on the people's business and pass a middle class tax cut that will affect 98 percent of working Americans. Ninety-eight percent of working Americans will get a tax cut by passing the Senate bill that they passed already that is now at the desk here in the House of Representatives in the form of a discharge petition.

We're taking this action because we believe that time is running out. If we fail to pass this bill or something like it, the middle class in this country will see on average a $2,000 increase in their taxes. I don't know about anyone here in this Chamber, but I know my constituency doesn't want to pay a $2,000 tax.

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