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Crawford: Enforce Current Gun Laws


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Rick Crawford (R-AR), issued the following statement reiterating his strong support for the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding citizens after hearing President Obama's proposal for gun policy:

"As the father of young children, nothing is more important to me than their safety. We need a comprehensive approach to keep our schools and communities safe from acts of violence. By enforcing current laws, like prohibiting convicted felons and people with mental illnesses from owning guns, we can prevent future tragedies. We must also change how our society identifies and treats people with mental illnesses.

"President Obama's announcement today to unilaterally impose 23 executive orders is not the best way to make our communities safer. We need a collaborative effort from all Americans. When I was sworn in to represent Arkansas's First Congressional District in the House of Representatives, I took an oath to uphold the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. I will not support laws that would infringe on law-abiding citizens' constitutional right to own a firearm. The Second Amendment guarantees this right and protects it against infringement."

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