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Constituent casework governed by privacy law


Location: Phoenix, AZ

U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor, D-Ariz., issued the following statement in response to inquiries about constituent casework in his office, particularly because of questions on the case of Edi Garcia:

"All of our constituent casework, regardless of the type of case, falls under the federal Privacy Act. The office communicates and gives updates on the progress of any case directly to the constituent and/or the constituent's family or legal representative. These strict privacy rules are for the protection of the constituent. Therefore, casework is not discussed with third parties.

"In high profile cases such as deportation matters, I have established an office procedure that requires immediate intake of information, regular contact with the family, and when appropriate, I contact the highest levels of ICE, DHS, or the federal agency involved.

"I've established this procedure in my office because deportation cases are hurting families, especially when there are young children and illnesses involved, and especially when the person being held for deportation is the family's sole economic support. It's important to address those cases urgently and my office procedure is set up to give those cases priority attention."

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