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Blog January 17, 2013


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

There has been quite the storm in D.C. since I last wrote. Tuesday, the House voted on the "Disaster Relief Appropriations Act' of 2013 that served largely to allocate funds for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Sadly, I had to vote against this $50.7 billion bill because it didn't simply include disaster relief; it was chock-full of pork and pet projects like millions for fisheries in Alaska, road repairs in American Samoa and museum restoration in DC.

The photo above explains my disdain, and is conveniently linked to an article that goes into to some of the frustrations regarding appropriated funds for the Sandy Relief Bill.

Nearly 80 percent of the final spending total will not be used for years. Helping our fellow citizens in need is important, but that must be coupled with, as President Obama says, "shared sacrifice.' When we spend money to assist with disasters, as we should, we must find money elsewhere in our budget to pay for it.

There must be a much more responsible path forward for disaster relief funding that does not add billions more to our debt and compound our problems. Unfortunately, Washington did not take that path.

I wish that the rhetoric seeping out of Washington was for once honest about the numbers and the disaster we are closer to inheriting by adding more debt.

Please keep in touch with me about your concerns related to this issue and let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,

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