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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight from California is Senator Barbara Boxer.
Senator, great to have you with us tonight.
You have been on the front line --

SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D), CALIFORNIA: Great to be with you.

SCHULTZ: You bet. You have been on the front lines for many years about
gun violence in this country. And it has got to be more than conversation
at this point. What has motivated you over the years to be so passionate
about doing something about the societal problem we have?

BOXER: Well, Ed, for me, it started in 1993. I was a new senator when a
gunman with an assault-style weapon walked into a law office in San
Francisco, 101 California Street, and the result was mayhem. And one of
those lost in that shooting was one of my son`s best friends, a law school
compatriot of his.
And this young man threw himself over his wife, who was there visiting him
at the law office and saved her. I can`t get over that. My family can`t
get over that. But it`s not about me, and it`s not about them, because
since then, since 1993, there have been 47 mass shootings, and so many more
added to the list of deaths, unneeded deaths and injuries.
And, you know, I think there are moments in our history that are pivotal
moments, and we change. And we all come out and say, you know, regardless
of our opinion and a lot of other things, we need to have some common sense
I think there was something about the slaughter of those babies that
brought us together. And I am so grateful to Gabby and Mark, because they
have so much credibility as gun owners themselves, Gabby as a victim,
knowing what happened to her. I think it`s one of those moments.
Do you know, Ed, more people are killed on the streets of America in two
years than in the 10 years of the Vietnam War? And I was around when
everyone said no to the Vietnam War, no to the Iraq war.
This is another kind of a war. And we have more control over it if we have
the courage.

SCHULTZ: Can we win this war? Is the conversation and the mood at a
tipping point in this country, in your opinion?

BOXER: I only can hope so. I can`t get into the mind of that gentleman
who started pointing his finger at Piers Morgan and going off on some rant
that the government is coming to get us all.
Government is not coming to get us all. We get to that point, nothing is
going to help us if the military turns against the people.
Let`s get real here. We`re talking innocent lives lost. It seems to me we
should do three things right now.
Get the weapons of war off our streets. Keep guns out of the hands of the
mentally ill and children, and also make sure that our schools are safe by
allowing the local governments to avail themselves of some grant programs
so they can bring secure schools, make them a reality in their

SCHULTZ: Senator Boxer, with the assault weapons ban of 1994, would that
pass the Senate today?

BOXER: I can`t tell you. I haven`t taken the pulse of my colleagues.
But I can tell you this. I believe we will be able to get some things
done. Maybe it`s going to be the high capacity clips. Maybe it`s going to
be Senator Feinstein`s bill. I certainly hope so.
We need to close the gun show loophole. There are certain things the Obama
administration could do on the mental health front and on enforcing
existing laws when it comes to tracking guns through the computer system
that was set up.
We have to come together. I think it is one of those "enough is enough"
moments. It`s one of those pivotal moments. I believe it is happening.
But I do want to say to the viewers, it`s really up to you, because it`s
going to take courage for certain colleagues to step up to the plate. And
we have to make sure people know that if they do the right thing, it will
be noticed, and it will be rewarded by support.

SCHULTZ: Senator Boxer, thank you for your leadership on this. I
appreciate your time --

BOXER: Thanks.


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