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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Joining me tonight is Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York.
Congressman, good to have you with us.
REP. JERROLD NADLER (D), NEW YORK: Good to be here.
SCHULTZ: We`re going to find out how fast the wheels of government
can turn here. Under the umbrella that you haven`t had any Republicans
step forward and say anything like what the president said today, what are
your expectations something is really going to get done?
NADLER: Well, I don`t know. That remains to be seen. I mean, right
now, the Republicans are saying nothing. They`re ducking. Some of them
are opposing any reasonable gun control restrictions.
The president is going to push it very hard. The Democratic leaders
set up a task force today under Congressman Thompson of California. There
is going to be a lot of constituent pressure on everybody, including
Republicans. And they`re going to have to either step up to the plate or
say no, and that`s going to be very difficult for a lot of them.
SCHULTZ: Your colleague, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy urged support
from Republicans today. Here it is.
REP. CAROLYN MCCARTHY (D), NEW YORK: And I`m asking my Republican
friends to work with us. It shouldn`t be a Democrat or a Republican issue.
It`s all of us as Americans who are mourning the death in Newtown. And we
don`t want to see anymore of these shootings again.
SCHULTZ: So they always hide behind the second amendment. They`re
fabulous at doing that. But the Second Amendment does not give you the
right to bear any kind of arm. And technology has changed. And, of
course, the design has changed. The proficiency of the manufacturing has
Why will no Republican step forward and admit that?
NADLER: Well, I -- because of the fear of the NRA leadership, which
is fanatic, which lies to gun owners and says that any attempt to regulate
guns in any way is a prelude to taking all your guns away.
Luckily, the power of the NRA was shown to be a paper tiger in the
last election. I think that knowledge is going to have to be broadcast and
assimilated that you can take on the NRA and live to tell about it.
You know, no right is absolute. We have the First Amendment right to
freedom of speech, but you can`t get away with yelling fire in a crowded
So, Second Amendment -- the Supreme Court has ruled the Second
Amendment confers a personal right to carry arms, but it doesn`t confer a
personal right to carry machine guns or grenade launchers or semiautomatic
weapons, or --
NADLER: -- large magazine clips.
There is no hunter that needs more than three bullets in a rifle to
hunt. Anything beyond that is not only fair subject for regulation, but
absolutely ought to be banned.
SCHULTZ: But there is very few hunters out there that want to be hold
what kind of firearm they can use. This is the urban and rural divide that
the president talked about all over it today.
And, Congressman, I`ve come from the middle of the country over the
last 30 years before I came to work here in New York. And it`s two
different worlds. You go to the middle of the country and they say, don`t
you come close to me with any firearm regulation, and don`t tell me how to
use my firearm. I don`t want any regulation whatsoever.
NADLER: Well, we know --
SCHULTZ: Now, here in New York, here in New York City, the laws are
about as strict as they are anywhere in the country.
So how do we strike this balance?
NADLER: You strike a balance by saying look, anyone has a right to
firearms that are reasonably related to self-defense, there is a license
for that, and for hunting and for sports. But no one has a right to have
military-style firearms that are designed to kill large numbers of people
as rapidly as possible. Common sense says that. And I think even people -
- people in rural areas will recognize that, too. Everybody wants their
kids to be safe.
NADLER: And the fact is they`re having more and more of these
outrages. You know, as I`ve said before, we had a maniac attack an
elementary school in China last Friday, the same day as Newtown, but no one
was killed.
SCHULTZ: Yes. Nobody died. That is -- that`s a talking point that
is out there quite a bit.
The bottom line is, the American people are ready for change. Will
the Congress walk in lockstep with the American people in this? That`s the
big question.
Congressman Jerrold Nadler, great to have you with us tonight. Thanks
so much.


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