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Pelosi Statement on the Third Anniversary of the Citizens United Decision


Location: Washington, DC

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement to mark the third anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC, which overturned a century of common-sense campaign finance laws and allowed unlimited corporate and special interest donations into our political campaigns. The anniversary falls on Monday, January 21:

"Three years ago, the Supreme Court's devastating decision in Citizens United changed the face and nature of our campaigns -- opening the floodgates to special interest money in our politics and undermining the strength of our democracy.

"The past year saw the true impact of that decision: as unlimited mega-donors and unregulated SuperPACs filled the airwaves and promoted their agenda, with no need to disclose their donors or engage in fair play in the public debate. We must not let this recent history repeat itself. We must restore transparency and accountability to our elections.

"The beginning of the 113th Congress marks a fresh start for our effort to create clean campaigns and fair elections. For the sake of our democratic ideals, let's work across party lines to return power to the voters, increase the level of civility, and reduce the role of money in our politics. Let's put middle class interests ahead of the special interests. Let's uphold a cornerstone of our democracy: that the voices of the people determine the outcome of our elections, not the pocketbooks of the privileged few."

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