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Edmond Sun - Lankford, Lucas support 'No Budget, No Pay' bill

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By James Coburn

Wednesday's passage of of the "No Budget, No Pay" bill passed by the House 285-144 was supported by Congressman James Lankford, R-Edmond. The legislation would withhold pay to members of the House and Senate if they do not fulfill their responsibility of producing a budget, Lankford said.

"Our nation's $16.4 trillion in debt is exacerbated by trillion-dollar deficits each year for the last five years," Lankford said. "The House proposes a 10-year plan to solvency. The president's budget proposes infinite debt limit increases, but the Senate has no budget plan at all," said Lankford, House Policy committee chairman.

Passage of the bill will help to restore fiscal order, he said. He urged the Senate to finally pass a budget after four years of neglect. Doing so will free the process of passing a national budget, Lankford said.

Republican Congressman Frank Lucas also today commended his colleagues in the House in voting for passage of H.R. 325.

"The Senate has failed to produce a budget in over 1,300 days, and I am proud this legislation forces them to pass a budget and set forth a plan to help tackle our nation's debt disaster," Lucas said.

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