Weekly Radio Address: Mining for Jobs


By:  Scott Walker
Date: Jan. 24, 2013
Location: Madison, WI

Today, Governor Scott Walker delivered the weekly radio address titled "Mining for Jobs."

Transcript below:

Hi I'm Scott Walker.

In my State of the State address, I stood with operating engineers from Local 139, and carpenters and millwrights from northern Wisconsin locals of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, all who are looking for work.

Passing a bill that streamlines the process for safe and environmentally sound mining, could lead to as many as 3,000 construction-related jobs and 2,800 long-term jobs.

We have the potential for a billion and a half dollar investment right here in our state that would be a lifeline to the people of Iron County. The benefits will be felt all across Wisconsin.

I applaud the Legislature for moving quickly to introduce mining legislation. Reforming current law to allow for a predictable and practical method to obtain a mining permit will help move our state forward.

We will continue to work together to reform the permitting process, while keeping intact the environmental safeguards that protect our air, land, and water resources.

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