Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on Lowest Virginia Unemployment Rate Since December 2008


By:  Bob McDonnell
Date: Jan. 18, 2013
Location: Richmond, VA

Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement upon the announcement that Virginia's unemployment rate had fallen to 5.5 percent, the lowest since December 2008 (5.3 percent), and significantly ahead of regional counterparts.

"Today, more Virginians are back to work than at any time during the past four years. This is great news. It means more Virginia families have financial security, that Virginia businesses are continuing to grow, and that our pro-business, low regulation, and conservative fiscal policies are positively affecting Virginia's economy. The Commonwealth has the second lowest unemployment rate east of the Mississippi and the lowest in the southeast. Our bipartisan work is getting results.

"Now we need to continue this progress. As our General Assembly meets for the coming weeks, I hope we will continue to implement policies that will encourage more private-sector investment and job creation. Nothing is more important in this effort than passing a transportation funding plan that will ensure Virginia has the resources necessary to build and sustain the 21st century transportation system that is so critical to future economic development and job creation. We have made great progress in growing our economy, but we can't stop now. Transportation is the backbone of our economy. Our funding plan puts $3.1 billion in new, additional resources into the state transportation system, ends our current crossover crisis, and provides $1.8 billion for new construction projects at the same time. Most importantly, it guarantees a sustainable and growing source of funding for transportation for decades to come. I urge the General Assembly to pass this plan this session, and I look forward to working with members of both parties as we move forward with this critically important effort."

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