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Issue Position: State Sovereignty

Issue Position


The state of Arizona is at a huge economic disadvantage compared to other states east of the Colorado border. In order for Arizona to become a state, the territory legislature was compelled to sign the State Enabling Act. The document specifies what land belongs to Arizona and the land that the federal government retained rights to. This Act has left the state with only 13% private property. This agreement was not bad at the time as Arizona was able to use the land to develop business and industry namely logging and cattle. These industries allowed individuals and the state to create wealth. In the 1980's special interest groups began suing the forest service and BLM which has lead to the complete loss of our logging industry and drastically decreased our cattle industry.

Because of the influence of special interest groups, we need to exert all the effort possible to take control of our land, water, air, minerals, and wildlife. By doing this we become a sovereign state that will allow Arizona to be on a level economic playing field with the other states east of the Colorado border.

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