Issue Position: Government Spending

Issue Position

By:  Jeff King
Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Location: Unknown

The government spending train has run off its track. We've got to get back on track.

Government spending must be brought back under control and not allowed to continue to run amok. This is a bi-partisan issue that must be addressed with serious decisions to be made that will affect the American public for generations to come. It is unsustainable that my family currently owes a debt to our federal deficit in excess of $200,000, and that amount is growing. Balanced budgeting should be of utmost importance to all members on the Hill. I hope to be the conservatives' conservative in regards to government spending.

Fiscal responsibility over taxpayers' monies is a daunting challenge, but I'm willing to take the challenge and put a stop to our impending economic disaster. A bankrupt nation is inexcusable. A continually-expanding government is unacceptable. We owe it, as your congressional representatives, to put a cap on government growth and spending. Gone are the times of government excess without consequence. Gone are the bloated spending bills for pet projects. Gone are the mortgages on yours and your families' futures.

We cannot continue to be unfocused on such priorities as the modernization of healthcare, deconstruction of the tax code and social security reform. We must keep America competitive. This requires more scrutiny in conserving the federal budget than spending the constituent's hard- earned dollar on pet projects. Without spending reform, the American people will have a jaded view of congress and will be denied the government they deserve.

I propose three ways to control federal spending:

First, grow the economy. More people working, and companies producing more revenue, both grow the tax base. A larger economy grows federal revenue.
Second, control spending. We should impose a measurable decision point on Congress when we resort to deficit spending, much the way a household or a small business must decide whether to spend cash on hand or to borrow money. And, like in a household or small business, we resort to deficit spending only for very serious needs in emergencies.

Third, reform the entitlement programs in America. Unfortunately, too many people find Welfare and Social Security Disability payments to provide greater cash flow than the meager salaries they might receive in minimum wage jobs. Disgracefully, that reality makes our social assistance programs an oppressive scheme, idling talented Americans and encouraging them to burden society rather than contribute to it. Social assistance should be a hand up, not a hand out, and should never incentivize idleness.

My fight on wasteful spending will not be without opposition. States and districts hate to vote no on pet projects that will be a direct benefit to their constituents. However, if we do not pull together to relieve this burden and delay the gratification that our society has come to expect, we will not be able to be held accountable for our actions of excess in overspending. This is not the country our forefathers envisioned and not an acceptable alternative for future generations. I will be a warrior on the hill for District One of South Carolina to conserve your hard-earned tax dollar. My fiscal responsibility will put an end to public cynicism towards congress and overspending.

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