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Central Business Licensing (CBL) System Announcement

Location: Baltimore, MD

As Prepared for Delivery

Let's have some applause for Greg [Cangialosi], Mike [Brenner] and the whole Betamore team, our hosts,…

I'd like to introduce three more entrepreneurial Marylanders:

Dayna Crisco of Event Support People -- who used our new Central Business Licensing system -- more on this in a moment -- to obtain licensing for her business and reports that the forms took only 5 minutes to fill out.

Mike Bendler, who received a response to his filings for two businesses -- Sell It Baltimore and VITA -- not in 5 or 10 weeks but in 5 minutes, using our new system.

Karen Hammer, founder of who reports that the new streamlined Central Business Licensing system allowed her to quote "move from [the] procrastination stage" for licensing her business to "getting it done very quickly."

In Maryland, we are -- according to the United States Chamber of Commerce, hardly a mouthpiece of the Maryland Democratic Party -- the #1 state in America for innovation and entrepreneurship. That didn't happen by accident. We made it happen, together, with better choices and by empowering people like Karen, Dayna, Greg, Mike and Mike.

Stories like theirs are what bring us here today.

Together with businesses large and small across our State we're recovering the jobs we lost during the recession at the 9th fastest rate in America. Our businesses have created 22,200 jobs over these last twelve months and as a result, today 25,000 more of our fellow citizens are working today than were working at this time last year.

But the most important job we create is the next job.

Progress is a choice. Job creation is a choice. Creating the conditions that allow our businesses to grow and prosper is a choice.

When I talk to business leaders -- whether it's a mom or dad running a small ice cream shop, an entrepreneur with a great idea for a start-up, or the CEO of a large pharmaceutical firm -- they often tell me they need help with two things from their government,…

On one hand a world-class workforce -- which is why we've made record investments in our public schools -- our #1 ranked, best in America public schools for the fifth year in a row -- and we've done this even while cutting a record amount of state spending and protecting our Triple A Bond Rating. A balanced approach.

On the other hand, an easing of the administrative burden on business. The things that we actually can do -- and are doing -- to get government out of the way of job creation without compromising priorities like our environment.

CBL: For Job Creation

Making our government work more effectively and efficiently, cutting down on waste -- this isn't a Democratic or Republican idea. It's a "jobs" idea. It's an "opportunity" idea. It's a Maryland idea.

It's the idea behind what we call Maryland Made Easy.

All of us can agree that we ought be able to cut down on the amount of paperwork for businesses, so that they can spend their time putting more and more Marylanders to work. Streamlining the State Highway Administration's access permit review system is one way to get there. Our Fast Track initiative, which expedites permitting for major development projects,… that's another.

Today we're officially launching another tool for more efficient, more streamlined government; a tool for easing the Administrative burden on businesses and therefore helping entrepreneurial Marylanders create jobs and expand opportunity:

The Central Business Licensing initiative is a virtual "one stop shop" where business owners can register a new business, create legal entities, and register state tax accounts.

If you are an entrepreneur what does this mean for you? It means getting your new business registration reviewed not in 10 weeks, like the status quote. Not in 9, 8, 7, 6 weeks. It means getting that review in 5 to 7 days if not sooner.


Seven years ago -- time flies -- during that statewide conversation known as a campaign, Anthony Brown and I offered a ten point plan to Marylanders. Number 1 was "we will make our government work again." Number 2 was "we will make our government work." Number 3 was "we will make our government work."

We're old fashioned in the O'Malley-Administration. We believe our government ought to work for the tax dollars we pay. And for the past six years -- together with partners in the business community -- we have made our government work more efficiently and effectively, while cutting down on waste.

Central Business Licensing is an important piece of this larger puzzle for creating jobs and expanding opportunity. Thank you all very much.

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