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Education Week Announcement: #1 Schools in the Nation

Location: Severna Park, MD

As Prepared for Delivery
Thank you, it's great to be here today with all of you! I hope you're excited too, and not just because you're getting out of class right now.
Thanks to Principal Pickens, Speaker Busch, and Betty Weller for sharing our belief that, with better choices, we can create jobs, expand opportunity, and move our State forward.
And to and all of our educators here today, let me thank you for the work that you do on behalf of public education, which is the single most important ingredient in job creation and opportunity.
Public Education Announcement
Today is a good day, because we're here to announce that, with better choices, we have built what Education Week magazine says is the #1 best public school system in America for the 5th year in a row.
We are #1 because of each and every one of you. We are #1 because of the students, parents, teachers, principals, administrators, advocates, elected representatives,… and, yes, the citizens of our State,… who understand that the investments we make in education are investments in the future we all share.
From the earliest days of our Administration, job creation -- and it's primary ingredient, education -- have topped our agenda. Every year of this Administration, even during the toughest of times, we have invested to make this a reality.
To create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments. And so in Maryland, even as we've cut -- and the record will show we've made more cuts to state spending than any previous administration -- and even as we knocked out Maryland's structural deficit, we've chosen to make targeted investments in education.
In fact, the modern investments we've chosen to make in public education -- even at the height of the Bush recession -- are the largest investments we've ever made together in public education.
We cannot cut our way to prosperity -- we must grow our economy. To create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments -- educating, innovating, and rebuilding for our children's future.
There are some challenges so large that we can only tackle them together,… creating jobs, spurring innovation, expanding opportunity, improving public education and public safety, and rebuilding a 21st century transportation system. These things won't happen by themselves,… and other countries won't do them for us.
We have to work together. We have to make our government work more efficiently and more effectively. And so, our work to give you the best public education -- not just the best in the country, but the best in the world -- continues.
Before I turn it over, I want so share with you something my parents told me, growing up. It's something I hope you'll remember as you start the new school year.
Love God, love your family, and love your country.
Your education will enable you to do the right things for our country -- no matter what you want to be when you grow up. Most importantly, you're going to bear that most important title of all, and that is American citizen. We love you guys, we're counting on you.
Now, I'd like to introduce our Speaker of the House, Michael Busch to say a few words.

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