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Udall Welcomes Bipartisan Agreement to Protect Middle Class, Pledges to Pursue Long-Term Fiscal Solution in 2013

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Mark Udall welcomed the U.S. Senate's passage today of a deal to address a series of automatic tax increases for the middle class, but he called on his colleagues to resume work on a longer term, comprehensive deal on the deficit when Congress returns to work in 2013. Udall also heralded that the deal includes a one-year extension of the wind Production Tax Credit -- an effort he led in the Senate -- which supports thousands of jobs in Colorado and across the country.

"This deal isn't perfect, and I agree with most Coloradans who dislike that Washington is making deals on the cliff's edge. But I do believe we needed to keep taxes low for the middle class and ensure that working families and seniors will not be hurt in 2013," Udall said. "This is not the deal I would have written, but we cannot ignore the need to protect taxpayers, businesses and our fragile economy from the destructive effects of the fiscal cliff. When Congress reconvenes in 2013, I will continue to push for a bipartisan deal on the deficit that grows our economy and responsibly reforms the federal government."

Udall also said he is encouraged that the deal includes an extension of the wind Production Tax Credit, which he has championed. Since June, Udall has delivered 27 speeches on the Senate floor detailing the positive effect of the wind energy industry in states across the country. A bipartisan and bicameral group of lawmakers joined Udall along the way, including Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the father of the wind PTC.

"Extending the wind Production Tax Credit is a long-overdue dose of certainty for manufacturers who employ more than 5,000 Coloradans and 60,000 workers across America," Udall said. "Although this deal is not perfect, I am glad my colleagues have acknowledged what I have spoken about regularly on the Senate floor: Wind energy creates jobs and benefits every American. I look forward to continuing to lead the fight for our wind industry and an all-of-the-above energy policy in 2013."

Udall has vocally encouraged Congress to abandon rigid pledges and reach a deal that doesn't force the middle class, seniors and working families to bear the brunt of the tough choices. He also joined with Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to critique Washington's propensity to delay action on pressing issues like confronting the deficit.

In August, Udall led a bipartisan letter from majority of Colorado's congressional delegation urging congressional leaders to actively work on passing a comprehensive, balanced deficit reduction package.

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