Southerland Opposes Costly ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion for Florida


By:  Steve Southerland
Date: Jan. 10, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Steve Southerland, II issued the following statement today regarding Florida's Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare:

"Any successful health care reform effort must begin with solutions that expand access to quality, affordable care. Unfortunately, a Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare provides neither quality nor affordability. I believe we should be focused nationally on repealing the President's deeply flawed health care law, and locally on weeding out waste and fraud within Florida's Medicaid program. I believe we must block grant Medicaid funding back to the states, who best understand the needs of their citizens and the constraints of their budgets. In doing so, we will return decision making authority to those closest to the people and make Medicaid work for the truly needy among us. "

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