Tipton Statement on President's Gun Speech


By:  Scott Tipton
Date: Jan. 16, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) issued this statement on the President's gun speech.

"I share the President's desire to keep our children safe and prevent horrific acts of violence like those that occurred at Sandy Hook and in Aurora. I believe that steps can be taken to improve public safety without infringing on Americans' Constitutional rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment. The important issue of protecting our children and improving public safety should not be dealt with rashly. While I intend to review the President's proposals, I am concerned that the slew of executive orders runs the risk of infringing on Americans' 2nd Amendment rights and over-stepping the bounds of the President's Constitutional authority.

"As we examine the factors that led to these mass shootings, it will be critical to emphasize the role that parents and community leaders can play in prevention efforts, as well as increase efforts to reform policy with respect to mental illness to ensure that those who suffer from mental illness receive proper care and are never in a position to commit violent acts. I also believe that it is important that firearm sales are monitored to ensure proper examination of the purchaser's background prior to purchase. I'm committed to working with my colleagues towards policy that appropriately analyzes and addresses the causes of violent acts, so that we prevent these tragedies from happening again, and ensure that our schools are safe havens for our children."

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