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Putting Our Nation's Fiscal House in Order

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. TIPTON. I thank the gentlelady from Tennessee for this time and for her leadership on this important issue for every American.

I'm glad to hear my colleagues continue to talk about the real issue that we face in this country. We did not tax our way to a $16.3 trillion debt in this Nation. The Federal Government spent its way into that debt. The responsibility that we need to have that comes from the Show-Me State of Missouri in terms of commonsense proposals is something that needs to be heard in Washington, D.C.

This President has been focused on raising taxes. He is implying that Washington, D.C., needs the money more than our people at home. Well, if you come into my district, the Third Congressional District of Colorado, we go to Pueblo, and the real unemployment rate is now at better than 20 percent. My second largest community, Grand Junction, Colorado, the real unemployment level is at 19.5 percent.

My folks aren't looking for an unemployment check. They're looking for a paycheck. They're looking for responsibility out of Washington. And when we are looking at this fiscal challenge that we face, this fiscal abyss, a fiscal black hole which is engulfing the economy of the United States, we need that responsibility out of Washington.

But how are our dollars being spent? Are they being spent wisely or does Washington continue to waste the efforts and the hard-earned capital of the American people? Let me give you a few examples.

We had $700,000 that came out of the pockets of hardworking Americans to be able to conduct a study on methane gas from dairy cows. Now, the gentlelady from Tennessee, you've got a few dairy operations in your State. I think we could have saved $700,000. It comes naturally. We need common sense when it comes to handling the American taxpayers' dollars.

We had another $137,530 of American taxpayer dollars that was used to be able to create a video game called ``Layoff.'' That's what the policies of this administration have literally yielded. We are not growing the economy, putting people back to work.

As we approach this Christmas season, we have families across the country right now that are hoping to be able to provide for their children. We can create that certainty by addressing an unwieldy regulatory process that's inhibiting our ability to be able to create jobs. And if Washington needs revenues--and we know that government needs revenue to carry out specific functions--let's get the American people back to work, those folks in Pueblo and Grand Junction, Colorado, who actually want to be able to have a job.

But we need to be very concerned, once again, about where's that waste of the Federal dollars going. The gentlelady from Tennessee noted that $1.5 trillion of the debt of this country is owed to China. So what did the United States do? We sent 17.8 million American dollars for China to be able to study environmental programs and social programs in China. So effectively, what we did, we borrowed money from China to be able to send it back to China to be able to study problems there. Let's get Americans back to work.

We took another $2.6 million to be able to train Chinese prostitutes not to drink too heavily. I think we have a better use for American dollars.

Right now, America is facing a fiscal challenge, a fiscal abyss. The problem resides not with Americans being taxed too little but government spending too much. We have a caucus that's dedicated to getting Americans back to work, to bring fiscal sanity into the process, and to never, ever forget it is not Washington, D.C.'s money. It's the American people's money. Let's stand up for them first rather than for more and bigger government.


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