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Preventing Another Sandy Hook Massacre

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. DeGETTE. Mr. Speaker, last Friday, 20 beautiful children and their loving teachers were shot by a deranged man with an assault rifle that had a high-capacity magazine. The time has come for us to have a national conversation about this--about mental health, about the community issues, about school safety, and about these types of weapons.

Now, we know we are never going to be able to stop disturbed individuals from going into a school or a movie theater or a shopping mall to do harm, but we can slow them down. We don't have to give them so many bullets in high-capacity clips so that they can shoot 26 people in 10 minutes multiple times. We can take those away, and that will give people a fighting chance. By limiting those clips, we can save lives.

We can start right now by doing that, Mr. Speaker. There is a bill which Congresswoman McCarthy, Congresswoman Maloney, and I are sponsoring. We can pass the bill this week on a bipartisan basis, and we can tell the moms and dads of America that it's a first step to keeping their kids safe.

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