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Oppose Anti-Immigration Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise to oppose the anti-immigration bill brought before us today.

The supporters of this legislation would have you believe that immigration is a zero sum game--that for every door you open for one person you have to close it on another. That's what this bill aims to do by increasing the number of visas for STEM graduates while eliminating them from the Diversity Visa Program. This troubling precedent of creating visa offsets will foreclose the promise of the American Dream for countless immigrants.

Our country remains the beacon of opportunity and freedom. For many, the only path to getting here is through the diversity program. People like Yulia, who is a constituent of mine, that lucky draw in the lottery was her best hope for coming to America from Kazakhstan.

It is irresponsible, Mr. Speaker, to hold the much-needed--and I would say we need it--STEM visa bill hostage just to dismantle a program that has helped new Americans like Yulia. It's bad policy, and I urge my colleagues to reject the bill.

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