Statement on the Vote to Extend Middle Class Tax Cuts


By:  Sam Farr
Date: Jan. 15, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Sam Farr's (D-Carmel) released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted on a bipartisan compromise to avoid a tax increase on millions of middle-class families:

"I am pleased that the House of Representatives voted today to prevent a tax increase on millions of middle-class Americans at the beginning of this new year. By agreeing to the compromise struck between the White House and Senate Republicans, we have lifted the uncertainty that American households were facing.

"This deal protects the tax cuts for 98 percent of families and 97 percent of small business, while simultaneously asking the wealthiest to again pay their fair share. With this vote, we now have a more progressive tax code that works for everyone to grow our economy. Additionally, by extending the farm bill through the end of the fiscal year, this deal ensures that families will not see larger grocery bills by preventing the "milk cliff" as well as the "fiscal cliff."

"On this first day of 2013, I am glad that both sides were able to finally come together to work for the American people. Hopefully, this spirit of bipartisanship will continue throughout the coming year as we tackle other issues here in Washington."

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