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Issue Position: Fighting Crime

Issue Position

Location: Camden, DE

No More Drugs: Margaret Henry knows that drugs weaken our communities and destroy the future of our children. She has sponsored bills to crack down on drug dealers who prey on our children and that offer more opportunities for rehabilitation for the addicted.

No More Gangs: Senator Henry sponsored anti-gang legislation that made participation in a criminal street gang illegal. The law, which became effective on July 1, 2003, gives law enforcement the additional tools it needs to combat this growing trend. Now, any person who is a member of a street gang who commits a crime as part of that gang will face stiffer penalties in the courtroom.

Substance Abuse Treatment Task Force: Senator Henry recently sponsored legislation to create and co-chair a Substance Abuse Legislative Task Force. The Task Force's mission is to study unmet treatment needs and present recommendations to improve the quality and quantity of treatment services in the State of Delaware. If you would like to obtain a copy of the Task Force Report, please call 302-577-8719.
Due Process: SB 38 allows additional time for DNA testing of offenders to establish guilt or innocence.

New Funding for Local Police: Margaret Rose Henry knows the importance of fighting crime. As a member of the joint finance committee, she fought for and got increased funding for local police agencies, including the City of Wilmington.
Cracking Down on Illegal Gun Sales: Guns in the wrong hands hurt our community. Senator Henry sponsored bills to crack down on illegal guns sales by making it a crime to possess or sell firearms that have the serial number removed and to require background checks on all gun purchases.

Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals: Delaware law prohibits convicted felons from owning guns. But some newly convicted felons have circumvented this law and held onto their firearms. Senator Henry successfully sponsored legislation last year to close the gun law loophole and ensure a conviction for a felony makes it impossible to purchase a firearm.

Empowering Police: Margaret supported legislation making it illegal to now sell, possess, or use certain types of high-tech products to obscure license plates on automobiles.

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