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Issue Position: Environment - "Long Term Environmental Quality"

Issue Position

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The record of our generation regarding the environment is a shameful and harmful one. Unless we immediately reverse the trends, we will leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of toxicity and ecological damage that this planet may never recover from. We must stop the assault on our environment and reverse the effects of failed past policies. Delaware has the 7th highest median income in the country yet ranks 5th worse in cancer deaths and at or near the bottom in infant mortality. We are under advisories to avoid consumption of fish in over twenty of our streams and ponds and are told to limit intake of fish caught in certain areas of the Delaware river to one per year. This situation is not only disgraceful but borders on criminally moral negligence on our part if we don't act to correct these matters.

I intend to accomplish this by more stringent enforcement of existing regulations and by crafting new stricter controls and accountability methods. It is important that these new rules be formulated with the involvement of all affected parties, including environmental activists and excluding the corporate lobbyists. I will advocate for formation of an environmental advisory board consisting of community members, environmental activists, labor representatives, business representatives, scientists and legislators to craft new, stricter controls.

I will open hearings and meetings involving environmental matters to public participation in order to respond to legitimate concerns and questions. I will develop legislation to provide State-wide Passenger Rail service. This last item can slow the debilitating effects of auto emissions and conserve fuel resources.

As a member of the Citizens for Solid Waste Solutions Commission, I have been working over the last seven months to craft legislation to provide curbside recycling free of charge to all Delawareans. If passed by the General Assembly it would enable Delaware to attain and surpass recycling and reusable goals that are now attained in surrounding states. It would also create many new jobs that would be funded by resource reclamation and promote an economically and environmentally sound approach to solid waste disposal. This responsible and comprehensive piece was presented in Legislative Hall Wednesday 5/10/06 at a press conference and at a Senate hearing that afternoon.

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