Issue Position: Employment

Issue Position

By:  Mike Barbieri
Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Location: Wilmington, DE

The face of Delaware's economy is shifting. The large employers who maintained a steady work force for decades is gone. We are faced with the old guard diminishing and little to replace it. GM and Chrysler are on their way out. DuPont continues to downsize. Hercules has been sold. MBNA sold to Bank of America and they continue to downsize. Our legislators have watched this for years and continue to provide band aids through tax breaks and other give aways to maintain the old guard. This activity will not position us for the 21st Century. We need think not of how we can create the next grand slam like we did the Financial Center Development Act, but rather how we can develop a diverse employment base that plays to the strengths of Delaware. This means not looking for the big companies but rather cultivating small business development in a variety of areas that will provide good paying jobs and are not easily moved to other areas. In order to accomplish this we need to do the following:

. Create incentives and capital for Small business growth and new business development

. Support development of new businesses in the area that would provide a living wage and necessary benefits

. Encourage existing employers to provide appropriate wages and benefits for employees

. Work with schools and unions to develop a well trained labor force that can support the new businesses for the growing businesses

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