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St. Louis Public Radio - Blunt, Senate Condemn New Russian Law That Prohibits U.S. Adoptions

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By Chris McDaniel

The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed a bi-partisan resolution condemning a newly passed Russian law that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children. The ban is retaliation for U.S. sanctions against Russian officials accused of human rights violations.

Missouri Republican Roy Blunt introduced the resolution condemning the ban -- a ban Blunt calls "outrageous."

"They (Russia) want to use kids as the hostage," Blunt told reporters in a conference call. "They want to punish Russian kids. There are 700,000 kids in orphanages. 700,000. Let's do what we can for those kids and do it right now."

The State Department says there are 46 families with adoptions in limbo as a result of this ban. And Blunt says a couple of those families are in Missouri.

"For goodness sake, at least let the adoption process for the 46 be completed," Blunt said.

The Washington Post reports this will impact evangelical Christians, who are likely to adopt, and disabled children, who are most likely to be adopted.

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