Issue Position: Criminal Justice

Issue Position

By:  Sylvester Turner
Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Location: Unknown

A key criminal justice priority for Rep. Turner is ensuring that men and women released from prison do not return. In 2009, over 72,218 men and women were released from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice back to their communities. Without successful reintegration, many of these men and women will not succeed in the free world. The reality in Texas is that most men and women return to communities in which they are faced with a lack of services and structure essential to their successful reintegration. In addition, many are released into communities without the skills and tools necessary to support themselves, which significantly contributes to the state's high rates of recidivism. In his quest to create a more supportive and structured system to reintegrate individuals, Rep. Turner authored key legislation, which received significant bi-partisan support in the 2009 Texas Legislature.

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