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Larson Statement on December Jobs Report


Location: Washington, DC

Today Congressman John B. Larson released the following statement on the U.S. Department of Labor's December employment report, which showed that while the economy added 155,000 jobs in December, unemployment remained at 7.8 percent:

"Today's unemployment numbers should serve as a reminder to the American people of how little the Republican-controlled Congress has accomplished over the past two years.

"While the American people have been struggling to find jobs and put food on their tables, Congress has been muddling through crisis after crisis of its own creation. From a near government shutdown and downgrading of the US credit rating in 2011 to the most recent fiscal cliff fiasco, it's clear that we have lost focus on what really matters to the American people - the simple dignity that comes from a job.

"For more than a year I have called on House Republican leaders to turn their attention to the issue of job creation, and for more than a year my calls have been met with radio silence. In September of 2011, I introduced the President's plan for job creation, hoping that the Republican leadership could look past politics and do what was right for the American people. Unfortunately, their refusal to vote on the President's plan proved that it was never about the people, it was always about the politics.

"Today, the nation's unemployment number stands at 7.8 percent, with Connecticut's unemployment remaining at 9 percent. That's more than 12 million Americans who struggled through the Holiday season, and will continue to struggle in 2013. As representatives of the people, we owe it to them to vote on a plan that will create jobs and get our economy back on track. Otherwise, what are we here for?"

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