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More PBS Coals Layoffs Due to EPA Over-Regulation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

PBS Coals, Inc. and it's affiliate RoxCoal, Inc. are immediately idling its Roystown and Hart mines in Somerset County, as well as laying off 138 employees from various sites. Congressman Bill Shuster says these cutbacks are due to out of control U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

"I am greatly disappointed that PBS Coals has been forced to idle more mines and lay off another 138 workers," said Shuster. "The EPA has put a strangle hold on the coal industry making coal mining and coal-fired electricity generation more difficult and costly. The EPA's regulations have created uncertainty in the industry and are crushing the jobs of thousands of hard working Pennsylvanians."

This past summer PBS Coals laid off 225 workers, also in Somerset County. The company attributed these job losses to a softening demand for coal, and costly regulations by the EPA.

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