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Foxx, House GOP Say Fiscal Cliff Solutions Should Protect America's Future


Location: Washington, DC

"Debt problems of a 16.2 trillion dollar proportion don't get solved without real savings. And while the President's offers have plenty of Washington budget gimmicks, real savings are disappointingly absent. That concerns me.

"My grandkids are just starting to think about college and what they might want to be when they're older.

"I worry for them because a country saddled with debt is not a country where job growth abounds. A country that spends 1 trillion dollars more than it takes in every year is not a country that's going to make it easier for young people to find jobs to support themselves, move out of their parents' home, and pay for their college investments.

"I want more for my grandchildren than a shaky job market and mountains of debt they didn't incur. I want to leave them a country as strong and prosperous as the one I grew up in.

"So I can't, in good conscience, support any so-called solution that leaves the real work of controlling spending for another day. That's not what parents and grandparents do. We fix problems. We don't back away from them.
"Debt is no more "patriotic" today than when the President first ran in 2008.

"The debt problem we face may not be entirely of our own making, but every day we don't control spending the problem gets worse for our children and grandchildren. Somebody has to deal with it. It should be us."

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